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Monica Samuel

Monica is a freelance digital marketing trainer and consultant. She has been working in the content marketing field since 2009. She delivers training on content writing (her specialty), digital marketing overview, and specific channels such as Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Web Analytics. Overall, she has 19+ years of work experience including 7 years in the IT industry as a software engineer. She has trained hundreds of freshers and professionals in classroom sessions at academies, via online sessions with Simplilearn, and her own webinars. She co-hosts a video series called DigiIndia Squad, aimed at enabling and empowering local businesses, SMBs, and nonprofits with digital marketing skills and knowledge.


Garima Pande

Head - Corporate Marketing (ex), SunTec Business Solutions

Monica conducted a Digital and Content Marketing training for my team ane me, she is one of the best trainers in this space. Monica has in-depth knowledge of the two subjects and her past industry experience helped her connect with us better. Unlike most trainers, she shares her resources and reports which personally helped us a lot.

Joyce Pereira

National General Secretary, YWCA India

Monica is an expert in Digital Marketing, she has vast knowledge on the subject which helped me understand Digital Marketing. The trainees during the training have given the best feedback and few of them have started learning it. Her training is practical which helped us to understand and practice. She is a thorough professional and I have learned a lot from her. I wish her all the best.

Sachin Bapat

Co-Founder and CEO, TapOn Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

For a technology startup working on a new product, it is very crucial to clearly communicate to its potential customers about the exact value addition. Monica did a fantastic job in understanding technical features of our product and then converting them into tangible benefits which can be easily understood by our customers. She provided content for our website, a presentation for the sales team, product brochures, and really simplified our job. Looking forward to working with you again on Digital and Social Media Marketing.

Navaneeth L.V.

CEO, THG Publishing Private Limited

I thoroughly enjoyed learning from and with Monica and must admit her classes made my decision to learn something new (after a couple of decades of work experience) both rewarding and enriching. Her ability to lucidly explain concepts, drawing upon her own unique work experience insights made learning both rewarding and memorable. I found her work ethic and her approach to both learning and teaching to be contagious and a huge positive influence. No wonder she is the go-to-person for many students and businesses alike, who are looking to set up and get more from their digital pursuits.